Pearl Millet Vermicelli


Introduce your child to the nutritious world of Pearl Millet Vermicelli, a wholesome alternative to traditional vermicelli. Crafted from pearl millet, this vermicelli is a nutritious choice for your child’s meals.

Ingredients: Pearl Millet

Quantity: (Specify quantity, e.g., 180 grams)

Pearl millet, also known as bajra, is rich in beneficial plant chemicals like antioxidants, polyphenols, and phytochemicals. These contribute to optimal human health in various ways. Cook our Pearl Millet Vermicelli with assorted seasonal vegetables and seasonings like curry leaves, rye seeds, garlic, and ginger for a wholesome and nutritious breakfast meal. This vermicelli is light on the tummy and easy to digest, making it an excellent addition to your child’s diet. Opt for our Pearl Millet Vermicelli to provide your child with a wholesome and nutritious meal option.


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