Amarnath Millet Noodles


Introduce your child to the nourishing world of our Amaranth Millet Noodles. Crafted from natural amaranth millet flour and devoid of preservatives and chemicals, these noodles are a wholesome and delectable choice for your child’s meal.

Ingredients: Natural Amaranth Millet Flour

Quantity: 180 grams

Amaranth millet is celebrated for its nutritional value, offering a rich source of essential nutrients. These noodles are not only convenient to prepare but also a versatile base for creating healthy and tasty meals. Pair them with a variety of vegetables and seasonings to prepare a satisfying breakfast or lunch that your child will relish. Opt for our Amaranth Millet Noodles to provide your child with a nutritious and flavorsome meal.


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