Foxtail Millet Noodles


Experience the wholesome goodness of our specially created Foxtail Millet Noodles. Crafted from natural foxtail millet flour and free from preservatives and chemicals, these noodles are a healthy and delicious choice for your child’s mealtime.

Ingredients: Natural Foxtail Millet Flour

Quantity: 180 grams

Foxtail millet is known for its nutritional benefits, including being a rich source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. These noodles are quick and easy to prepare, making them a convenient option for busy parents. Serve them with assorted vegetables and different seasonings to create a wholesome and delightful breakfast or lunch for your little ones. Choose our Foxtail Millet Noodles for a nutritious and tasty meal that your child will love.


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