Are the cookies made of organic ingredients?

Yes, every ingredient used is organic and fresh.

Do they contain maida?

No, there is no maida in any of our products

What is the sweetner used to make them sweet?

Palm Candy. We are strictly against using chemically processed sugar.

Do we use butter?

We try using organic ghee depending on its authenticity. But we also use non-salted butter.

From what age can we start these cookies?

Ragi biscuits can be started as early as 6-7 months. Almond Flour Cookies can be started from 8 months.


Are these cereals organic?

Yes, absolutely. Every ingredient used is organic

Are these cereals good to use on a daily basis or on travel friendly?

It’s so healthy that it should be used on a regular basis.

Are these cereals tested?

Yes, all our products are lab tested and safe

Can they only be used to make porridge?

No, they can be used for making dosa, chilla and pancakes too.

What age can we start the dry fruits powder?

8 months and above. But please consult your paediatricians also in case of allergies.

How do we use the dry fruits powder?

Just one teaspoon to your child’s meal everyday

Cheese Straws & Oats Crackers

Why aren't your crackers sweet?

Kids enjoy savouries too. We parents don’t always understand the need of our kids for savoury. It is very important for them to develop a taste for variety.

Why cheese straws in between all these healthy products?

Kids love cheese. Therefore, we decided to make them in a healthier way.

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