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Multigrain Baby Cereals

If your baby is about to touch the 6 months milestone, then it is the time to introduce solid food for her. Thankfully, there are multigrain cereals for babies from the house of Hungry Bums that are organic and 100% safe for the baby. Moreover, it ensures proper growth and health of the little one by providing all the required nutrition in one bowl. Each pack of multigrain cereal from Hungry Bums maintains the highest hygiene so that your toddler will get nothing but the best. The preservative-free cereals are easy to digest for the baby.

Buy Multigrain Baby Cereals From Hungry Bums

Hungry Bums presents a wide range of multigrain cereal for babies that are the perfect choice for any parent to introduce solid for the first time. You don’t need to face much hassle while cooking it. You just need to add two spoons of natural multigrain cereal powder and cook in boiling water. In just two minutes, your bowl of goodness will be ready. Moreover, the toddlers will surely love the richness and natural flavors of the cereals.
You will get a wide range of options like wheat rice and moong dal mix, sprouted ragi and moong dal mix, rice and makhana mix, multigrain mix, and dry fruits powder. All of the ingredients are in the purest form so that you will get the assurance of good health and safety.
Though breast milk is the best for the babies, after 6 months of age they need more to satiate the appetite. A bowl of natural cereals from Hungry Bums will satisfy their growing appetite and help them to have a better and undisturbed sleep. So, don’t wait and buy baby cereal online today.

Why You Should Select Organic Baby Cereals?

  • The baby’s digestive system is tender and delicate. Many babies suffer from Gastrointestinal reflux disease resulting in spit-up and colic pains. It has been seen that the easy to digest organic baby cereals are quite helpful to subdue the condition.
  • The organic multigrain cereals for babies are fortified with minerals, vitamins, and other nutrition that are utterly helpful for the proper growth of the infants.
  • The organic products are rich in flavor and taste and for that the babies will love to have them without making any fuss.


Q- Is multigrain cereal good for babies?

Multigrain cereal is always good for the baby. From one bowl; the baby will get minerals, vitamins, calcium, and all other nutrition. The multigrain cereal of Hungry Bum has vitamin C, E, B, zinc and iron which are very important to grow the muscles and bones of the baby. It helps the baby to have a strong gut from the beginning.

Q- What is in multigrain baby cereal?

Multigrain baby cereal is a combination of different types of cereals. The Hungry Bum Multigrain cereal has rice, moong dal, ragi, wheat porridge, and chickpeas which are rich in protein, fibre, and all the minerals.

Q- Which baby cereal is best?

Hungry Bum Multigrain Cereal has the most enriching ingredients. Moreover, there is no artificial colour and preservatives and it is completely safe for the baby.

Q- When can I give my baby multigrain cereal?

You can introduce the multigrain cereal when your baby starts to eat solids. The smooth cereals are perfect for babies to swallow without any problem. Moreover, it is good for gut health.

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